In the second cycle of writing to 800+ MI attorneys, asking for help for Kangas, two responded: one promised to examine Kangas's case in August 2017. However, after 13 May 2017, when I read incriminating evidence in Kangas's Facebook account, I wrote to both, advising them I had made a mistake about Keegan Kangas. These are the replies:

May 16
Dear David,
Thank you for sharing this new information with me. I am very sorry to learn Keegan betrayed you and took advantage of your trust and good nature. You offered him the kind of support most actually innocent people in prison could only dream of having. I understand your frustration, as there have been numerous cases I too have worked on for countless hours, only to have the DNA results come back and confirm guilt. In these instances, I’ve only been able to find one “silver lining” that helps me move on to my next investigation unjaded, and I’ll share it with you, just in case you find it helpful too: In Keegan’s case, the system worked, and justice was served. I guess this helps me because I don’t just consider my fight to exonerate any one (purportedly) wrongful convicted individual just as a fight for their freedom, but also as a fight for justice as a whole.
So, even when I realize I was wrong to believe someone’s false claim of innocence and find out they are in fact guilty, I take some solace in knowing justice prevailed. Therefore, regardless of Keegan’s guilt, all of your efforts to ensure justice was served in this case are very admirable. And from someone who truly knows the deficiencies of the American Justice system, how they can ruin innocent lives, and how they all too often fall on deaf ears, thank you for not just sitting idly by when you noticed what appeared to be a grave injustice.
Take care, and best wishes.